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Gonn' Make Like a Shrinky Dink
Gonn' Make Like a Shrinky Dink
Healthy weight loss and lifestyle choices.
19, Canada, 170lbs, 5'7"
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Jenny Labaw.


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In germany we eat sausages for breakfast? That’s new to me

omg same here, I saw this and was like WTF since when do we have sausage for breakfast?

Hahaha I was thinking the same

ME THREE LOL The Swedish breakfast looked closer to what you’d eat in Germany… 

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Illustration Commission →


Hello internet and potential customers!

My art & more of my art

I’m in the middle of an awkward span of time where I’m waiting on callbacks and interviews for a 9 - 5

When I do get a job most likely I won’t get a paycheck for another 2 - 3 weeks

In the meantime I’d love to do some…

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If you’re an active lady liftblr/fitblr over the age of 18, reblog this.


We all need this because of reasons.

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